Dave Workman Plumbing Heating Gasfitting Ltd

Dave Workman Plumbing Heating & Gas fitting offer their services throughout Mid Canterbury.

We endeavour to provide a top quality service at a very competitive price. The company has been established with a long term aim of being the go to Mid Canterbury Company, for all your Plumbing, Heating and Gas fitting needs.

The services we provide are many and varied and they are listed below. However, we are always flexible and open minded; if you have an unusual requirement please ask.

General plumbing and Gas Fitting maintenance and repairs.

Hot water cylinder maintenance and repair.

New bathroom installations.

Easy access, or disabled access bathroom options.

Renovation projects.

New build housing.

Solar hot water heating options

General gas fitting maintenance, service and repairs.

Continuous gas hot water units installed and serviced.

Gas fire installation, service and repair.

Commercial kitchen gas appliance service and repair.

Diesel heating appliances service and repair.

Wood/ log burning fire installation.

Home central heating systems, using radiators and or underfloor heating.

Farm and dairy shed plumbing maintenance .

Gas grain dryer maintenance , installation.

Energy and insulation efficiency advice.

It is our desire to maintain the highest possible levels of service and customer satisfaction that we can. We believe the way to achieve this, is through in house training of apprentices and continual professional development of tradesman. The environment we are living in  is changing daily and we need to keep up with the pace of change. These changes will effect the way we build, heat and service our homes and work places. We need to look far afield and understand how other countries are coping with the challenges that a changing climate brings.

New Zealanders has a well deserved reputation for being very open to adopting new technologies and methodologies, this can clearly be seen in the agricultural and food industries. However, we fall well short of most developed countries housing standards. In particular when it comes to insulation, heating and energy efficiency of our homes. There has to be a fundamental change to the Kiwi mind set when it comes to housing and heating. The World Health Organisation recommend that a dwelling should be able to be heated throughout to a constant ambient air temperature of between 12 and 21 degrees. We in New Zealand like to achieve this by heating only one or two rooms in the home, normally with a wood burner or heat pump and then retiring to a cold damp bedroom at night. This old fashioned method of home heating has possibly contributed to New Zealand having high rates of childhood respiratory illness.

Our heating systems allow you to heat an entire home , using controllers to monitor and vary the ambient room temperatures in individual rooms.

When we are advising on a home heating solution for your home, be it a new build or retrofit renovation, we encourage the home owner to look at the whole property. We would not recommend the installation of a whole house heating system without the up- grade or installation of top quality insulation products. Our heating solutions are designed to provide you with a comfortable, healthy, economical and environmentally sympathetic system for your home. We will design and install a system that will be the heart of the home and last for many years .

Home heating is our passion but general plumbing and gas fitting is our core business. We cover all aspects of plumbing and gas fitting, from maintenance , repair, service and new installations.

We carry full contractors insurances and all our work is covered by comprehensive warranties.

What ever your requirements are we will do our very best to provide the best possible services.